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Very Funky Christmas

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Been feeling so uneasy
Like the ground shifting under my feet, I got
Such terrible suspicions
About all of the people I meet

I thought that we had made some progress
Well at least that's what I wanna believe
We're still so divided
Guess I was naive

It's a very funky Christmas

(Need some spirit now)

We're all looking for a savior
Somebody to fix us up
Keep us walking on the same path
Or find a way to shoot it up
[And so we get] people hearing what they want to
No one there to talk 'em down
If we go on picking fights with strangers
Is the truth ever gonna get found

It's a funky Christmas

How we gonna get peace, baby
How we gonna find some joy
Can we steel ourselves against it
Try to block out the noise
We could smile at a stranger
Find some more songs to sing
Look real hard for signs of hope that the season might bring

It's a very funky Christmas

(Need some spirit now)

It's what we got
Like it or not
It's what we got

copyright 2016 Emmaline Muchmore