"Her delicate yet prominent vocals lace the record with a stunning honesty and heartfelt feel that makes all of the tracks on Back to Right come full circle. Falling in love quickly with the EP -- her vocals enchant on pieces such as "Only Human" and "My City Lights."  Kurrent Music

From soft to boastful, each song is built with an intricate intensity and carefully crafted to create an album that is not only memorable, but one you will fall in love with.”   Ethnocloud             

“Upon first listen I was already craving more of what Muchmore had to offer, as her vocals and songwriting are a talent that goes far beyond the call of duty.”   Medium.com

"With creative partner Todd Mikkelson, she's created a Midwestern answer to Eurythmics, with an album showcasing her sensual vocals, refreshingly uncynical romantic lyrics, and highly skilled song arrangements."  
Jim Meyer, Minnesota Monthly, reviewing "Just a Cherry"


"People were starting to say that I would never give out a rating of 6 (5=perfect). After all, how can a CD be better than perfect? Well, it is easy when the CD is flockin' unbelievable from beginning to end."   Tim Null, This Befuddled Universe, reviewing "Just a Cherry"

"Emmaline is a rare combination of sensuality and strength that I found infectious, and that I believe you will too."   Steve Nathan, Getgigs.com

"Emmaline's voice is a gem, filled with unbridled soul."   
Mish Mash Music

"I instantly fell for her laid back rhythms and rough edge. Muchmore is a bad ass. I want to bear her children. This singer/songwriter strikes deeper into the passion that is music on this six song EP than most artists do in an entire career."    David Roper, Northland Reader, reviewing debut EP