Emmaline (pronounced emma-LEEN) got into the Twin Cities music scene in the late 90s -- playing guitar, writing and singing with all-girl band Interstate Judy. She left that band to do more writing and lead singing, seeking recording collaborations with other musicians. One of those musicians was Todd Mikkelson, with whom she would record her first solo record Inviolate released in 2001. Todd and Emmaline soon became partners in life as well as in music, and together they produced a video for the song "Bessie", a fan favorite from Inviolate

Emmaline put together a great live band that included Kent Peterson on bass, and Mick Wirtz and later Dean White on drums. The group played locally in support of Inviolate for two years. And then, SURPRISE! Making herself known at the end of 2002 was the baby that would soon be known as Eve, born to freaked-out-but-delighted parents Emmaline and Todd in May of 2003. In 2004 Emmaline began working on new material for a second CD, and Just a Cherry was released at the end of 2005. The following year a student film crew worked with Emmaline to do a cool video of her song "Distorted" from Just a Cherry.

After the "Distorted" video started making the rounds, Emmaline was invited to join a tour in England in 2007. The opportunity was too good to pass up so she took the plunge, got on craigslist, and found bass player Tom Sales and drummer Andrew Hale to put a show together for the tour. The foursome played clubs and theaters from Bristol to London that summer.

After returning from England, Todd and Emmaline began focusing on raising their daughter and running the business they started in 2004. She continued doing voice over work and singing on other musicians' recording projects and live performances.

She continued to write songs as well, collaborating with others and always going for that vibe, that sound, that groove...that intangible something that turns you on about a song. She was going about this in a pretty scattershot way when she began experimenting with Logic Pro recording software. Suddenly, instead of relying on the studio expertise of others and being beholden to others' schedules, she could make music exactly the way she wanted, on her own time. This newfound freedom was incredibly energizing and resulted in a new six song EP called Back to Right, released in early 2017. Emmaline worked with Todd and others to create a video for that EP's first track "Solid", a sassy song about self-actualization and taking back your power. They also put together a fun behind-the-scenes video during the recording of vocals for the song "Back to Right".

In June of 2017, Emmaline was contacted by an industry pro who discovered her track "Only Human" online, really liked it, and wanted to work with her to create some remixes of it. She was pretty skeptical at first but eventually confirmed that he was legit, having had a long career working with tons of artists -- many of whom are pretty huge.

So she asked him why, since it sounds like he's a pretty busy guy, did he want to take on a remix project with her? His answer was that he works on a lot of projects, but most of the time he's not really into the music he's working on. So he went online in search of someone with music he really liked who he thought could use a partner to help get their music to the next level. Their collaboration delivered up the "Only Human" Maxi Single, The Carlisle Collabs, and continues to this day.