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  1. Wrong Way Round

From the recording the Carlisle collabs

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Wrong Way Round

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Our friends said they didn't like our chances
Cuz you and I were always out there riding fences
Don't know what to say
You looked my way and I
Let down my defenses

Spent all our time together and it was all right
But now I'm finding reasons not to make it home at night
I know that you
Feel it too -- it's got
Me going out my senses

Don't know how it happened
Now everything we do ends in a fight
Can't even make it work
For just one night
Try to talk about it
Only brings us down
What can we do now that we've got
So wrong way round

Can't find words for what I'm feeling
Think we both could use some healing
Do you feel the same?
Should we quit the game?
Are we past all the pretenses?

Don't know how it happened
But I don't wanna hold you down
Maybe one day things'll be more clear
But now we're too wrong way